Call for Papers

call for papers


The Spanish organization Territorios de la Memoria (“The Territories of Memory”), in collaboration with the University of Valladolid, the Documentation Centre for Historical Memory and Territoires de la Mémoire Liège, convenes the I International Conference on The Territories of Memory.

Conference description and submission guideliness.

  1. The Conference will take place at the University of Valladolid’s faculties of Humanities and Law (Facultad de Filosofía y Letras and Facultad de Derecho) on 20-22 November 2017, and at the Documentation Centre for Historical Memory (Salamanca) on 23 November 2017. The event will consist of an academic programme (lectures and round tables featuring prestigious guests as well as panels/papers) and an additional programme of citizen events.
  2. The Conference contents are divided into four Sections: What was Francoism About?; Why did Francoism survive 40 years?; The traces of Francoism; and Archives for the History of Francoism.
  3. We welcome paper proposals by any author (single authors may submit more than one proposal). Papers can also be co-authored. They will consist in an original and unpublished text written in Spanish, English, French, Italian or German. Their oral presentation will be in Spanish or English.
  4. The thematic lines for each Panel are listed in Annex I.
  5. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 31 May 2017 and authors are requested to use the form provided in Annex II. This form will be sent to the e-mail address of the corresponding Panel Coordinator.
  6. The abstracts should consist of a maximum of 200 words and include full name, contact details, title and keywords (Annex II).
  7. If the proposal is accepted, the corresponding Panel Coordinator will contact the author (or authors).
  8. The deadline for submitting the complete text, which again will be sent to the Panel Coordinator, is 1September 2017.
  9. The length of the full paper will range between 7,000 and 10,000 words. Texts will have to comply with the APA style guide:
  10. The Conference’s Academic Committee will not accept papers that are unrelated to the event’s academic program, exceed the maximum word count or do not conform to the above-mentioned style rules.
  11. Should any Panel be cancelled, the participating authors will be duly informed and the organization will do their best to schedule the affected papers within other panels.
  12. Presentation time for papers will be a maximum of ten (10) minutes. Panel sessions will end with some time for discussion.
  13. Authors will transfer the right to reproduce their texts to the Conference organisers with a view to their eventual publication by the University of Valladolid.
  14. All papers accepted for oral presentation during the Conference will be digitally published as part of the latter’s proceedings.
  15. Additionally, the Academic Committee will select the best texts for peer review evaluation with a view to publishing a monograph in an academic journal.
  16. Authors can participate in the discussions of Panels other than their own.
  17. Authors will receive a diploma certifying their participation.
  18. The Conference is open for both registered and unregistered attendees willing to simply follow the presentations and discussions.
  19. Registration fees:
    • Speakers: €70
    • Students: €50
    • Registered attendees (they will receive a certificate of attendance): €30
  20. Payment instructions will be provided in the following call.
  21. For further information, please contact the organization:,

Finalized presentation deadline